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Achiever Series: AFUE 2-Stage PSC Motor

Achiever Series: Up 95% AFUE 2-Stage PSC Motor

The Ruud RGRK, RGRL, and RGTK Achiever® Series 90% Plus gas furnaces equipped with Dual Comfort Control line of Upflow/Horizontal, & Dedicated Downflow, are designed for installation in closets, alcoves, utility rooms, or attics. The design is certified by CSA International.

Additional Benefits:

Motor & Blower Compartment
Energy efficient & quiet 2-stage PSC motor, An insulated blower compartment, a slow-open gas valve, specially designed inducer make it one of the most reliable & quietest furnaces on the market today.

Two-stage Operations

Two stages of operation to save energy & maintain optimal comfort level.

Multistage Function

Furnace operates at 70% capacity for low-heat and 100% capacity for high-heat.

Low Profile
The “34 inch” [864mm] design is lighter & easier to handle, making is easily installed & leaves room for optional equipment & optimal access for maintenance.

Cabinet & Design
The units are constructed with Pre-paint galvanized steel cabinets for added reliability & durability. Solid doors & easy door removal & replacement makes for an easier time with service-ability. Also, all models are equipped with a molded permanent filter & right, left, or top side gas & electric inlet connections & condensate drainage connections. For added durability all units all come with a standard solid bottom.  Furnaces are also designed with control board diagnostics & transformer & control fuse protection

Patented Heat Exchanger

Primary heat exchanger constructed of aluminized steel and secondary heat exchanger constructed of stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance and thermal fatigue reliability.

Direct Spark Ignition & Remote Sensor

The direct spark ignition with reduced firing rates is an efficient method of gas ignition while the remote flame sensor monitors the flame. For added safety & personal peace of mind the direct spark ignition with remote sensor
will lock out system after trial for ignition if main burner fails to ignite.

Furnace Control

For added customer assurance, all models feature an integrated board which manages all operational functions & are equipped with humidifier & electronic air cleaner hookups for added heating capacity & efficiency. Units are Dual certified for sealed combustion (2-pipe) or non-direct (1-pipe) applications.

Thermostat is compatible with single or two-stage thermostats. (For optimal performance, two-stage thermostats are recommended.)  A variety of cooling coils & plenums designed to use with (Ruud Achiever Series™) two stage gas furnaces are available as optional accessories.

Air Quality & Control
With several options for easy install-ability these units have optional indoor or outdoor combustion air. In addition, combustion air may be piped to either the top or side of the cabinet on all models. A special molded fitting is provided to ease installation. Condensate drain trap is standard.